Conflicts of Interest

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Conflict of Interest
The author should express the resources of the financial scheme in the text of paper then applies to submit it. Each of the mentioned resources should be printed with the article. If the type of situation which shows the contrast is doubtful, it should be clarified, any item in the field of conflict of benefits should inform the editor or the publishing office. The responsible author can recommend the probable reviewer for the paper at the time of submitting the essay to Medical Laboratory Journal. Authors ought to avoid any probable contrasts or its action in selecting the editors and reviewers. This kind of conflict of benefits is not only applied for the responsible author but also includes all the authors' colleagues in the paper.
The examples of possible Conflict of Benefits are as following:
  1. One of the authors in the very institution or the organization who is reviewer or mentioned editor;
  2. One of the authors, member of the thesis committee who has been reviewer or editor and vice versa;
  3. One of the authors, editors or reviewers who are the coauthor in another article or, had been coauthor of an article in the past two years.
Authors should not introduce or name the people whom they know that they have studied the previous article and have put forward their hypothesis because this movement is in contrary with the hidden assessment process of the article automatically.
Manuscripts submitted by authors from our institution or from our reviewers' board should be reviewed by referees from outside. Papers submitted by reviewers and the Editorial Committee for review or revision and resubmission by the author if necessary.

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