Publications Ethics

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Publications Ethics
Codes of ethics are rules and guidelines for responsible conduct of research. They are created in response to actual or anticipated ethical conflicts and ambiguities.
This Code of Ethics of Publications has been designed to obtain the purpose of confidence in the checking and publishing process of Medical Laboratory Journal (MLJ). In this code, the policies of publications are expressed to guarantee the ethical behavior of all participants in the mentioned process. This code has been designed in twelve parts for authors, editors and reviewers who are asked to study precisely to ask the editor of the publication any queries with the help of Medical Laboratory Journal (MLJ) website.
1. The Code of Ethics for Authors
Authors should express their primary ideas and tasks explicitly even they have been revised and quoted objectively. If precise sentences or paragraphs are seen in a research paper which seems it is an extract from an essay or the citation from another author, this sentence should be put in quotation marks. The essay ought to specify the origin of each applied datum and also all data. If specific data collection is applied by another author or this author, it should inform the other published or unpublished tasks.
Authors should not submit the article which has been previously submitted to Medical Laboratory Journal (MLJ), assessed and finally disapproved by the editor. If the first version was disapproved and the author is willing to submit a modified version for assessment, the essay resubmission justification should be clearly explained for the author or the editor. The permission for essay resubmission for the second time is possible in a particular situation.

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